Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Five things I remember about Los Angeles and Little Tokyo

When I was about to leave Los Angeles, I told to myself what I would remember the most about Little Tokyo and Los Angeles after two months. So here is the list of things.

1. Los Angeles is so bustling and competitive. Little Tokyo is so quiet and laid back.
2. Los Angeles is a typical sprawl city with car culture. Little Tokyo is a typical compact town, where everything - restaurants, theaters, libraries, residential areas, community centers, etc. - is at a walking distant.
3. I learned a new expression - tossed salad, meaning integration but still preserving your own culture and heritage, in Little Tokyo. I learned a new word - celebrity, meaning fame or well-known person, in Los Angeles.
4. I came to Little Tokyo to know it is the birthplace of mochi ice cream, a nice combination of hot and cold, ying and yang, east and west in a dessert. I left Los Angeles to know it is the birthplace of the Wicked - a Tony-award-winning musical.
5. Sometimes I was puzzled in Little Tokyo by my logical thinking. For example, there was a Fish Mart but I could not find fish there, but clothes. Sometimes, I was amused in Los Angeles by my logical thinking. "Left lane must turn left" is one example.

So good bye for now. I hope that Davis will help remind me of many more fond memories about Little Tokyo and Los Angeles as he takes over the moderator's role of this blog. Thank you for reading this blog and welcome Davis.


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