Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Farmers Market

For long I wanted to see a farmers market in Little Tokyo. And today, I have seen it - in the Weller Court on the South Onizuka Street. For those who do not know where Onizuka Street is, it is on the corner of the 2nd Street and San Pedro.

Enjoy the fresh tropical fruits, flowers and vegetables, which are locally produced.

Shop for the families, or just hang out for some stress-released moments

Want some changes for the usual lunch taste? Hawaiian chicken, pupusas, roasted peanuts, Mediterranean cyros, Greek salad... all are ready to serve

Little Tokyo Mural - LIA Project

Part of our Leadership in Action Program is to initiate and implement a joint project which addresses one of the issues faced by the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. After a long discussion, we wanted to create a mural to highlight the cultural diversity of the Asian Pacific Islander community. Initial research showed that creating a mural would take more time than we thought - from one year to as much as three years while we have only 7 weeks. Sorry Pauline, Choon, Ji Huyn and others - you have put a lot of efforts in the project. But we have to shift our direction given the time constraint. Several ideas were thrown out on the table. Then we decided to concentrate on the idea of raising the community's awareness about the Little Tokyo Mural in the Japanese Village Plaza (JVP).

Sometimes we are too often focussed on new things, and are not aware of those which already exist around us. We might see them everyday, but do not think much about what they are, why they are there, what values they contain, etc. I like the project in this sense. Wow, I would call this "discovering new values in the old thing" project.

Note: Picture copied from http://www.kuidaosumi.com/murals/jtmural.html